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While Whistler may be best known for its winter activities, the summer season also brings just as much excitement and adventure! Take a refreshing dip in the lake or spend the day hiking trails that lead to stunning views. Whatever you plan to do, nothing beats being in Whistler during the summer. Read our guides on the best things to do in Whistler in the summer and more below. 

Whistler bear viewing

Whistler is “Bear Country,” so there's a good chance you’ll get a glimpse of one, whether you take a bear viewing tour or happen upon one while on the trail. If you do see a bear, there are some important tips you'll want to know. 


After months of self-quarante and stay at home orders, there’s probably never been a time we've had more appreciation for enjoying an amazing adventure in the Great Outdoors. Whistler makes for the perfect destination for getting back to nature.

Ways to Spend Labour Day in Whistler

It’s funny that Labour Day, the annual holiday celebrating the achievements of workers, is the ideal time to kick back and relax. As summer’s last long hurrah, it’s a wonderful time for a Blackcomb Peaks vacation, especially for those who enjoy warm-weather activities.

A bear-watching tour in Whistler.

Hit the trails, waterways and mountains of Whistler while visiting this summer. We’ve got awesome activities that everyone in your group will enjoy. Discover the region’s diverse habitats in fun, unique ways with one of these top tours in Whistler.