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26 Oct 2016
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Sproatt Alpine Multi-Use Trail and WORCA Sproatt Descent Open at Whistler

Hello Blackcomb Peaks Friends!

As you may recall from our last blog post, the buzz in the Whistler these days is mainly around the various food specials locals and visitors can take advantage of this month. But there is something else that is generating buzz around the Village lately, and that is 2 new bike trails!

The WORCA Sproatt Descent (Lord of the Squirrels) bike trail and the Sproatt Alpine Multi-use Trail have been under construction for the past 3 years, and both trails are now nearing completion. Having said that, many locals didn’t hesitate and have gone up (some biked, some hiked) this month to finally explore these amazing trail additions to the Whistler West side area. David, our dear Maintenance Manager and a biking enthusiast, volunteered to do this fun trail with his 4 legged friend, so we could share his experience with you. For the sake of convenience, let’s call Dave and his doggie the "D&D team."

Sproatt Alpine Multi-Use Bike Hike Trail in Whistler

Here's How Their Ride Went:

The D&D team started in Function Junction, which is the very south end of Whistler. The best place to park is at the gravel pit located on your left if you are at the Function Junction & Cheakamus Crossing light intersection on HW 99. At this light crossing, you can either go left onto Cheakamus lake rd. or right onto Alpha lake rd. (also straight towards Vancouver). Go left onto Cheakamus lake rd. and instantly left onto the gravel pit. From there, go back to the intersection, cross the HW99 and walk onto Alpha lake rd. towards the Olives market (4 mins) without turning left or right, just straight through, crossing the train line and passing the Home Hardware on your right as well. 

From Olives market (besides Lordco), the D&D team stepped onto the single-track Flank trail (behind Olives, south) and biked (hiking is also possible) for about 1.5km. At that 1.5km mark, the D&D team turned left onto the Pigs on the Wings ascent trail (nice & smooth uphill) which nicely merges onto the new Sproatt Alpine Multi-use Trail. It took them about 3 hours to reach the Camp Lake Summit.

From there, you can continue an additional 212m climb / 2,678 distance to reach the Sproatt Summit (up & back trail). The D&D team decided not to do the summit as they were slightly unprepared – no food or drinks in the backpack! (Do not make the same mistake, prepare and stock up on snacks and water).

So from the Camp Lake Summit, the D&D team rode down the brown new WORCA Sproatt Descent (Lord of the Squirrels) bike trail, which is a 6.9 km long / -931m descent. Next year, the D&D team would like to do the Callaghan Valley circle and we shall keep you posted once that happens!

For full details on these trail projects, go to: Sproatt Alpine Multi Use Trail & Alpine Trail Network.