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Green Lake in Whistler
18 Aug 2016
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Summer Activities

Hello Blackcomb Peaks Friends!

To be frank, because of the chilly/rainy start to the Whistler summer this year, many of us thought that we wouldn't get the chance to enjoy swimming in our beautiful Whistler lakes. But Mother Nature is proving that she does listen to our wishes - the weather is hot-hot and all we are thinking about right now is soaking, and swimming, paddle boarding and all that summer jazz stuff.

For those of you who are familiar with the biking possibilities Whistler offers, you know that it is not a boring activity by any means, even on a hot day. Aside from the world famous Whistler BIke Park, Whistler Village also offers miles and miles of paved bike paths to enjoy. We encourage you to follow the yellow line to discover the Whistler’s Emerald Paradise! Now, what do we actually mean by the “yellow line”? Well, it is the line, drawn in the middle of the Valley Trail, which as you may know, runs around the Whistler Village. The trail makes it possible for locals and visitors to safely bike all over the village (40km) on a paved surface while enjoying the amazing landscape views.

A real summer treat is riding your bike to the fabulous Green Lake outside Whistler Village. We are going to take you through that ride and how to get to Green Lake, and hopefully on your next visit to Whistler, you can enjoy this activity yourself!

Bike Ride to Whistler's Green Lake

As a local commuter, you could bike on the Valley Trail to Green Lake in about 25-30 minutes (swift ride). Now, since this is not a competition and you are here to truly enjoy yourselves, count on somewhere from 1 – 1.5 hrs one way – that is if you stop at some of the below suggested points of interest.

3-2-1 START:

Since most of our guests stay in the Whistler's Upper Village, the starting point for this fun bike trip is from the Day Lot #1, near the Fitzsimons Creek Bridge (see the black arrow below). Don’t cross the bridge to head towards the Upper Village just stay on the bridge side near the lot. From here, look for the Valley Trail and head down the Fitzsimons Creek stream (north), towards the BMX park (also knows as skate park / dirt jumps park).

Suggested stop #1:

Have fun on those funky dirt jumps, or at least spend a few minutes watching other people having fun on the dirt jumps.

From here, continue down the river stream, going under the Lorimer bridge and turning left immediately after the bridge, towards the Village (west). After about 1 minute from the bridge, the trail will spit you at a cross walk (junction of Lorimer Road & Blackcomb Way). Cross the road & reconnect on the valley trail immediately on your right.

Bike for another minute until you see a stop sign at a T- road section (Nancy Green Drive & Blackcomb Way), with the Fitzsimons Walk complex in front of you. Cross Nancy Green Drive and follow the yellow line on your right. From here, it will be easy, just follow the yellow line……………

Suggested Stop #2

Once you reach the point where you see the Whistler Campground, look for the “Riverside Café” sign on your left. Drive through the parking lot towards the lodge. Check out their menu here

In an emergency, there are restrooms in a brown cabin a few meters down the yellow line. Might as well stop now before you continue to the lake!

Wanna spy on those golfers on the practice range? Here's your chance:

OK, I know you want to keep going!

Beautiful paved Whistler Valley Bike Trail

Pay attention once you get to the train line – look left and right.

Train crossing at Whistler Valley Trail

Suggested stop #3:

You have got to try The Pimm’s and Sangria pitchers on Whistler's BEST patio (Table Nineteen Lakeside Eatery)!

Table Nineteen Patio at Nicklaus North Golf Course

Watch the Whistler Air sea planes land while you are having a drink.

Whistler Sea Planes  Green Lake in Whistler

Whistler Seaplanes offers scenic tours daily. And if you happen to get to Whistler by seaplane, part of their daily package includes a bike rental.

They rent bikes-only as well from Noon – 6:30pm. 1hr - $12CAD, 2hrs - $22CAD, 3hrs - $30CAD, 4hrs - $44CAD.

OK let’s get back to the yellow line towards our destination. Continue biking from the Seaplane point, which will now be all around Green lake. The ride is beautifully scenic from here onwards. You may even see some paddle boarders.

Paddle boarders on Green Lake in Whistler

You may be lucky enough to see a seaplane taking off, a beautiful site!

Seaplane on Green Lake

OK, you need to watch from here. Continue forward until you see the HW99 on your left.

At this point when you see Summer Lane, get on the road and drive down for a few meters. As soon s you see the bus stop sign, go right. Look at the signs ahead.

You can bike either to the boat ramp, where you can rent a canoe or sit on the deck and rest.  

Dock on Whistler Green Lake

Or go to the Green Lake park, taking a right on Lake Shore Drive. Once you see the parking lot on your right (30 sec) with the wooden washroom shed, drive down to the sandy beach.

Enjoy your lunch on one of the 3 picnic tables or on the sandy beach at Green Lake.


Green Lake at dusk

PS: If you plan to drive to Green Lake, simply follow the HW99 north towards Pemberton and take a right at the second Emerald entrance, right by the bus sign we mentioned above. You can park at the Boat ramp or at the Green Lake Park.