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It’s a blizzard day in Whistler! Or maybe it’s raining - oh no! You came to enjoy Whistler’s splendid skiing and snowboarding, but the wind is raging and you’d rather not get lost on the mountain or soaked to the bone, so now you’re stuck inside.

Whistler Conference Center lit up for the Film Festival

The 13th annual Whistler Film Festival returns December 4 offering a selection of fresh and innovative films from Canada and around the world. 

Previous posts have spoken about Whistler’s hidden secrets and its time to give away another: Parkhurst Ghost Village. Nestled on the north shore of Green Lake and accessible by canoeing or hiking it is an impressive and surreal spectacle.

Whistler is known for many things: great skiing and boarding, mountain biking, hiking, eating out, shopping, even partying. What people often don’t realize there is also some amazing mixology going on in the village that has it all. It seemed fitting to let any cocktail...