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15 Feb 2013
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Whistler's Hidden Secrets

Whistler Train Wreck

Whistler has many hidden adventures, some difficult some easy to get to - but they are all amazing in their own way. One of the most rewarding and unique Whistler hidden secrets is a little place that locals refer to as "The Train Wreck."

The Train Wreck is the debris left from a train crash in 1957 or 1958. A freight train managed to crash off the tracks at high speed a few kilometers south of what is now Function Junction. Back at a time when Whistler really was the middle of nowhere (a far cry from the luxury resort Whistler is today), it was deemed too expensive to perform a full clean up of the crash. The result is seven box cars scattered throughout the forest, some distance from the tracks, with one piece perilously close to falling into the Cheakmaus river.

What some may consider pollution of a natural landscape, Whistler’s modern residents saw as a great opportunity to create not just a unique bike trail, but also an art gallery - hidden in the woods!

The seven box-cars that still remain scattered throughout the forest have been completely covered in amazing graffiti that even the most skeptical teenager will be enthralled by, and who knows, it might even change their whole view on hiking. For the mountain bikers amongst us, the train wreck has also been turned into a flowy but technical 2 kilometer bike trail, which at one point even uses one of the box cars as a 10 foot jump. Very much for the skilled bikers, but amazing to watch!

The Train Wreck and trails around it are easily accessible from Whistler's Function Junction. Function Junction is located 5 kilometers south of Whistler, and there is lots of parking available for those looking to access the trail. From Function Junction, it’s a short 10-minute hike down the train tracks and then a path appears to the left. Follow this and you’ll reach the train wreck. Carry on down the path past the old train cars to see some beautiful waterfalls, making it a 6 kilometers circular hike.

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