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1 Mar 2016
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Whistler Info

Our Top 5 Tips for Being a Mindful Whistler Visitor

Hello Blackcomb Peaks Friends! Here we come with some useful information for new visitors to the Whistler area. Although even those who have been to Whistler before may learn something new. Check out our top 5 tips below!

1. Smoke-Free Mountains

We love our fresh air & water, wildlife & rich forests! If you think that you can smoke outside the pub after a hard day on the hill, like in Austria, you are mistaken dear friends. Whistler Blackcomb prohibits smoking (of any kind) on any of their properties. This includes ALL chairlifts and gondolas, lift lines, ski runs, all base areas including Skier’s Plaza, Blackcomb Base and Creekside Base, all Whistler Blackcomb parking lots, including Day Lots 6, 7 & 8 and the Creekside Parkade, all Whistler Blackcomb bar and restaurant locations including outdoor patios, hiking trails, and Whistler Mountain Bike Park trails.

Having said that Smoking is still permitted in the Resort Municipality of Whistler (RMOW) in
areas that are in compliance with the Municipal Tobacco Control Laws. See more information about the RMOW’s smoking policy here.

2. Noise Bylaw

Peace and quiet is another reason why many visitors come to Whistler. Although it is appreciated that people come here to enjoy themselves in the first place, residential noise can be a bother. It is therefore good to know how to proceed if anyone in your neighborhood disturbs your stay. Simply call the RMOW Bylaw services or the RCMP for loud noise or disturbances after 10pm.  

  • RMOW:  Mo – Fri (8am – 4:30pm) 604-935-8280 & Weekends (8am – 6pm) 604-905-8089
  • After hours and late night: RCMP – non emergency line 604-932-3044

3. Whistler Pets

Whistler is a very pet-friendly town, but there are some rules pet owners must follow.

  • Dogs are not permitted on public beaches for public health reasons, playgrounds and water-parks for safety reasons.
  • Off-leash dogs must be in the owner’s control and remain in off-leash areas. Owners must also have a leash visible, and leash dogs, when entering and exiting off-leash areas.
  • And finally, not picking up after your pet could result in a fine of $100 CAD!

4. Garbage & Wildlife

Whistler residents are very much used to dropping off their garbage, composting, and recycling - and they truly take pride in doing it! There is nothing more frustrating than witnessing someone throwing a can or anything on the ground, or leaving garbage on the porch where wildlife can get into it.

This concerns our local bears in particular, and anyone coming here needs to understand that every effort must be made to reduce human-bear conflict. Watch “The Bear Necessities” video to learn more and understand the consequences of inappropriate actions.

5. Energy Saving Initiatives

And finally, Whistler is quite involved in various energy saving initiatives, and we encourage you to take part in it with us. There are simple things you can do, like switching all lights and appliances off before you leave your vacation rental, turning down the heat and closing all windows in winter, washing your clothes in cold water, taking shorter showers, walking or cycling instead of driving short distances, and so on.