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Whistler Travel Info

Even if you have driven to Whistler in a car, it can be far more enjoyable to leave your vehicle parked and use Whistler’s convenient transit system to get around during your stay. Don’t waste your vacation worrying about pay parking or being unable to drink - take the bus instead! 

All of our village properties are located just minutes away from the closest bus stop, and better still, the village buses are free! The number 5 loops the Upper Village while in the winter the number 4 does a loop of the main village.  

The number 5 bus runs regularly even in off-season, with the full schedule available on the Whistler Transit page. The number 5 route can be a little confusing at first as it takes in a circular route rather than a linear route. Simply for anyone staying on Painted Cliff Road (Villas Foxglove and Snowbird), the bus stops are on the same side of the road as your unit. For those units on Spearhead Drive (Greystone and The Aspens), the bus stops are on the other side of the road from your units. This Whistler Transit map shows the route with directional arrows where the bus travels one way down the street. For anyone boarding the bus at The Aspens it arrives at the bus stop approximately 2 minutes after leaving the Painted Cliff Turnaround.

All other buses run on a linear system with stops on both sides of the road. Other buses cost $2.50 per-person per-ride. No change is available so remember to make sure you have the correct money; both coins and notes can be used for payment. If you need to catch another bus to reach your destination remember to ask the driver for a transfer when paying. It should be noted that anyone travelling to or from Creekside that the number 2 does not call in to Nordic estates. The final stop for all buses is the Gondola Transit Exchange.